Roku Channel — Enterprise Plan

Turnkey Roku TV Channels—for Less.

Turnkey Roku TV Channel — Enterprise Plan

The Enterprise Plan is our flagship channel product. It’s a true, white-label channel for larger studios, brands and established content creators looking to earn the MOST money from their content on the Roku platform. It allows for up to 600 videos (1TB max) across 15 custom categories, with streaming advertising OR subscription billing, a second advertising stream AND performance-based advertising integration AND in-app purchase functionality that enables you to also sell unlimited in-channel premium, video-on-demand (VOD) content for immediate download and viewing. “Advergent” is replaced with “Your Name” as developer, giving it a complete, BRANDED appearance. The Enterprise Channel represents the absolute MOST you can get out of a Roku TV channel—both feature-wise and ultimately, revenue-wise.

The Enterprise Channel features:

Custom-Designed Turnkey Roku TV Channel
Your Logo and Color Scheme
Up to 600 Videos (1TB Max)
Up to 15 Categories
All Content Ingestion & Encoding
Unlimited Bandwidth on Our Servers
Choice of Advertising OR Subscription Integration
PLUS 2nd Ad Stream Integration
PLUS Performance-based Ad Integration
PLUS In-App Purchase functionality
24/7 Technical Support
Dedicated Customer Service Rep
Dedicated Channel Manager
“Your Name” as Developer
Beta Channel launched in 24-48 hours
Live on Roku in 7-10 days!* 

COST: $3,495 (set-up)
+$99.95/month or $999.95 annually (save $199.45) — billed separately.

Complete Set-up Guide and Channel Documentation available for download immediately after purchase.
Annual or Monthly billing starts 30 days after the channel goes live on the Roku platform.
Your Channel MUST meet Roku’s guidelines for the public channel store, otherwise it will be launched as a private channel.