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MRSS XML Feed Template for Roku TV ChannelsAdvergent - MRSS Feed

An MRSS Feed is the basic feed format for delivering content to your Roku TV Channel. Written in XML (eXtensible Markup Language), it’s the easiest content feed to code and maintain, even for a complete novice. (If you know a little HTML, that helps.)

Advergent’s MRSS XML Feed Template is Roku-approved and perfect for short-form video content and content that doesn’t require advanced metadata. It’s the same MRSS XML Feed we use for the channels we build.

Each MRSS XML feed template is custom-built to-order based on your specific channel needs and delivered ready-to-update and ready-to-load. Complete instructions are provided in PDF. Simply follow the instructions, upload your file to your web host, then link it to your channel and—voila!—you’re in business. Our support team is available 24/7 to assist you with the process if needed.

MRSS XML Feed Template for Roku
Cost: $49.95

Delivered in 24 hours.
Works with Roku Direct Publisher, SDK and ITVC!
One year warranty on the feed with free updates as needed per Roku.

We also offer monthly hosting for your MRSS Feed on our reliable servers for just $9.95/month.