Advergent FAQ

Turnkey Roku TV Channels—for Less.

Roku Channel Development

Are there any other fees for channel development beyond the individual plan costs?

No. Each Turnkey Roku TV Channel plan is all-inclusive. Of course, you pay for any labor or content costs involved on your end, but there are no additional fees to operate your channel as described.


Can I develop and launch more than one Roku channel on my account?

You can launch as many channels as you want, however the individual plan prices (setup & monthly) are per channel.


How long does it take to develop a Roku TV channel?

The actual channel itself can take as little as 24-48 hours to launch in beta. To go live, it depends on the amount of content we need to ingest and link initially. Up to 25 videos can take a day, whereas hundreds of videos can take a week or more to ingest.  The bulk of the labor in developing a channel is in the initial content ingestion and setup of the initial MRSS or JSON feed.


What if I don’t have a logo?

We can create basic text-based channel logo and graphics for you, included in the setup price.


How much can I earn money with my own Roku TV channel?

That all depends on the monetization programs we integrate into the channel. See Monetization below.


Do your channels support Live feeds?

Yes, a live feed can be integrated into any Advanced or Enterprise Channel.



Should I use MRSS or JSON for my Roku channel?

If your channel is basic shortForm video, we suggest sticking to MRSS. If your channel requires additional support for longer video content, series, or midroll advertising, we suggest JSON.


Do you offer hosting for MRSS or JSON feeds?

Yes we do, it’s $9.95/month per feed, billed monthly, or $99.95 annually (two months free).


Do you offer management or updating of MRSS or JSON feeds?

We do offer Channel Management as part of our Turnkey Roku Channel development packages, but currently not as a standalone service to other Roku publishers.


Content Delivery Services

Can I use Advergent CDS with other channel apps, or just Roku?

Advergent CDS can be used with any video app that utilizes MRSS or JSON.


Can I use one Advergent CDS account for multiple Roku (or other) channels?

Yes. You’re paying for total storage and delivery regardless of where the content is delivered, up to the total storage you paid for.



How much do streaming ads pay?

Typically anywhere from $5 to $15CPM. Currently it averages about $10CPM, which is about one cent per ad view.


How much do performance-based ads pay?

Performance-based ads pay per inquiry, lead, or order they generate. That can range anywhere from a flat commission per lead to a percentage of an order. Some pay as little as $10 per lead or sale, others pay as much as $200 per lead or sale.


Is there a revenue share with Advergent?

No. You keep all streaming advertising revenue yourself. With subscription channels, Roku takes their processing fee for all subscribers via the Roku system, but Advergent takes no share of your channel revenue whatsoever.


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