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Advergent Content Delivery Service (CDS) vs. Content Delivery Networks (CDN)Advergent - Content Delivery

Going forward, the biggest expense for a Roku TV Channel is in content delivery. Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) can cost anywhere from several hundred to several thousands of dollars to setup and maintain—not including bandwidth charges—quickly swallowing up most, if not all or more, of your Roku Channel budget or revenue. To keep costs down, especially for new Roku TV Channel publishers, we’ve introduced our own Advergent Content Delivery Service (CDS).

Advergent CDS is an easy-to-use solution that works seamlessly with Roku Direct Publisher to serve content reliably to your Roku TV Channel. Content can be uploaded easily using your DropBox account. Individual video files are then generated into complete “items” that are delivered via spreadsheet for you. You simply copy and paste each item into your MRSS XML or JSON Feed file and upload. That’s it! All videos can then be tracked conveniently in your Developer Portal.

Advergent CDS powers hundreds of Roku TV channels with zero downtime, and best of all, zero bandwidth fees! Cost depends only on the total number of videos and storage used. That means Advergent CDS can grow with your Roku TV Channel.

Five Content Delivery Plans to choose from:

Advergent CDS – Starter
Free Set-Up
Up to 25 Videos
(or 20GB total):

Advergent CDS – Basic
Free Set-Up
26 to 100 Videos
(or 100GB total):

Advergent CDS – Advanced
Free Set-Up
101 to 250 Videos
(or 300GB total):

Advergent CDS – Enterprise
Free Set-Up
251 to 600 Videos
(or 1TB total):

Advergent CDS – Unlimited
Free Set-Up
601+ Videos
(up to 3TB total):